What do I need to get started?

You need a server to run your verifier on. Recommended specs are +1GB RAM and 2 CPU cores, but note that performance between providers can vary. CPU and network usage is expected to increase linearly with the cycle.

Your verifier will need to have good uptime. If your verifier doesn't propose a block on its turn, it will be kicked from the cycle. To mitigate denial-of-service attacks, you should run a sentinel.

setup guide #1, setup guide #2

How do I join the cycle?

To join the cycle you will need to be voted in by the current in-cycle verifiers. It might take long, even months.

How do I update my verifier?

Read the update instructions.

How much $nyzo can my verifier get?

Use the calculator for an estimate.

What are all these edges?

Edge = height. See the 'Terminology and symbols' section in the whitepaper.